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Avon Valley Motor Museum Association Inc

Who We Are

Avon Valley Motor Museum Association Incorporated is a not for profit, Community managed Organisation, registered in September 2016, which was developed specifically to purchase and operate the York Motor Museum for the benefit of the Avon Valley and specifically the town of York.

AVMMA was successful in obtaining a Royalties for Regions grant for $200,000 as a deposit with further funding from Shire of York and Bendigo Bank as a deposit and is currently working with lending institutions to raise additional funds. The management committee is also seeking sponsorship from businesses and financial support from the community to complete the purchase.

Community Fund Raising

AVMMA has setup the Avon Valley Motor Museum Unit Trust specifically to raise Funds to assist in the purchase of the museum building. Redeemable subscription units will be issued to those who wish to assist in the funding proposal. Each unit will have a value of $100 and there is no limit on the number of units purchased per subscription.

All funds raised will be held in trust and will only be used to purchase the building, for capital improvements or to assist with direct costs associated with the museum.

The AVMMA hopes to be able to redeem the units over an extended time frame if there are surplus operational funds.

This fund raising is not an investment as unit holders do not have any capital rights to the building, effectively the contribution is a donation that may be repaid if possible.


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