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The York Motor Museum opened in 1979 by Peter Briggs and James Harwood was aquired by the not for profit Avon Valley Motor Museum Association Inc in December 2017 with the view to maintaining it's status as a major York tourist attraction and landmark.

 Since the museum opened in 1979 it has attracted more than a million people to the Avon Valley town.


The York Motor Museum was the catalyst for the renovation and renewal of York in the 1980s. Mr Briggs created the Settlers House complex, and other investors joined him renovating the town’s hotels and commercial strip. The first around-the-houses motor racing event since the 1960s called the York Flying 50 was run through town and helped create a boom in historic motor sport in Australia.


In 1984, the museum won the Sir David Brand Award for Tourism. In those days there was only one state tourism award every year. In recent years, the York Festival of Motoring created by Peter Harbin has been a great success.


Mid 2016 saw the establishment of the not for profit Avon Valley Motor Museum Association Incorporated by a group of motoring enthusiasts with the sole aim of purchasing the York Motor Museum as a community owned and operated venture.

The agreement for the sale of the York Motor Museum between Peter Briggs and the AVMMA was completed in December 2017 with assistance from Wheatbelt Developement Commission and Shire of York

The York Motor Museum is open daily from 9.00am to 4.00pm. If you haven’t visited recently, take a look!


We are the home of the "Never Never Tours" Valiant ute used in the movie "Crocodile Dundee" and signed by Paul Hogan on the dashboard, and Rosco McGlashan's 253 mph/407 kph rocket powered drag kart and the oldest Australian Six car built in 1919 without a chassis number in the first factory at Rushcutters Bay.

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York Motor Museum Feb 2017 P2241474
Rosco McGlashan's 253MPH GoKart


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